Statements from prior Clients

"thanks for the great report"...  Thomas C.  December 1, 2007

"thanks a million"... Helen J. December 17, 2007

"Thanks for your help on the house inspection. It was great to meet you. Once again if you need anything".. (with my services)  Brian Hu. January 25, 2008

"I appreciate the depth of the report and also how quickly you got it back to us.  It was nice to meet you at the house and hope our paths cross again"... Brian He. February 16, 2008

"THANK YOU...YOU DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB!"  Linda C. March 15, 2008

"I got the inspection printed out - thanks!  We were very impressed with the whole process and finished product.  We will recommend you to others."
Smith  April 29, 2008

"PS we do have our eye on Kentucky for more properties so if you could let me know the radius in which you would travel I would certainly like to use you for some more commercial jobs."  P. Properties  July 15, 2008

"Thank you so much for this inspection you did a fantastic job!  I will call you Monday to discuss"...  P. Properties July 19, 2008

"Thanks again for your help and I will certainly refer clients to you."   Karen F.  September 21, 2008

"We received your packet on the home inspection and as I knew, it was thorough and professional.  Thank you for your time inspecting the house."  Terry S.  February 19, 2009

"Thank you for your time today and the report.  It was our pleasure to meet you....We will recommend you to others when we know of anyone who requires an inspection." Buzz S.  March 30, 2009
"We have downloaded the inspection report.  Thanks for getting to the home so quickly.  Mr. B... speaks very highly of you and your work.  I look forward to future interactions.  Have a great day!"  Christopher S.  June 26, 2009
"Report was received okay.  Thank you again for your prompt service.  We appreciate everything!"  Ameilia L. August 27, 2010
"Everything was great.  Thanks for your thorough work!'  Kim J. September 3, 2010
"Just wanted to thank you for the very thorough and professional inspection you completed...a thorough inspection of both the outside of the roof and foundation as well as the underside and substructure of these key elements of the house.  In addition, other aspects of the inspection including electrical, plumbing and various structural elements were very well evaluated and existing issues documented.  The report you sent is well organized and very easy to understand with photographs and explanations.  I would highly recommend your inspection service to anyone that needs a professional home inspection done for any reason." Tom S. Nov. 1, 2012
"Your inspection was awesome! The seller is correcting all but one (the missing rails) of the defective issues. As you may recall, that was a substantial list worth quite a sum of money. Your comments were great, I really appreciated the concise documentation. Thanks for a job well done." Marvin B. March 21, 2013