Providing complete Commercial Property Inspections for buyers and sellers for South Central Kentucky.  Inspecting Commercial and Industrial facilities for over 20 years.

I have completed many commercial property inspections ranging from doctors offices, hotels, post offices, auto service facilities, many more.  I am experienced with most all of the structures, utilities, and equipment that these sites have.

A Commercial Inspection by B and B Inspections is a complete, competent, easy to understand report that includes:

I create a comprehensive report with pictures and arrows for any issues found detailing Deficient and Conditional issues.  The report usually takes the same amount of time to prepare as the on site inspection.

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Statements from prior clients: 

"we do have our eye on Kentucky for more properties so if you could let me know the radius in which you would travel I would certainly like to use you for some more commercial jobs."  P. Properties  July 15, 2008

"Your report saved me tens of thousands of dollars."  Sadrudin L.  May, 2012

"Thank you so much for this inspection you did a fantastic job!  I will call you Monday to discuss"...P. Properties  July 19, 2008

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Office space, finished areas:                                  $80/1,000sq.ft.

Equipment space, production/maintenance areas:   $40/1,000sq.ft.

Open areas, inventory areas:                                  $20/1,000sq.ft.

Heating/cooling systems:                                       $80 each

Bathrooms:                                                           $40 each

Other Specific Commercial equipment/machinery      $100/hour

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